About Me

Oh, hey there! Somewhere in Arizona

I wanted to welcome you to my page and tell you a little bit about who I am, what I love, and what you can expect here.

I am Washington State raised, although right now my husband and I call South Texas home.  We have only recently moved here, so most free days you can find us exploring the area, or our favorite place of all: South Padre Island.  I definitely feel “at home” here, so I think we will be here for quite some time.

We are full time RVers (since October 2016!), hence the title of the blog. Joyful Tiny Living came about through how I found true happiness through this journey. It’s hard to explain, but I truly believe that by embarking on the tiny journey, leaving everything I knew as normal behind, I was able to discover who I am truly meant to be, and through this journey, I finally found my joy. In addition to tiny living, I am super passionate about essential oils, all things natural, traveling, experiencing new cultures, local foods, and personal development.

My intention for this blog is to share how I’m using my past life experiences to create my best life, and it’s my sincere hope that what I’ve learned along the way will be helpful to someone else. Because really, unshared knowledge is selfish.


Have a question or comment? I’d love t hear from you! Please email: hello@joyfultinyliving.com