3 Nutrition Tips That Work

3 Nutrition Tips That Work

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When I decided to make real changes for my health, besides getting into a doctor, and getting myself back in to the gym, the biggest challenge was to make real changes to what and how I eat and look at nutrition as a whole.

Let me be real for a minute. I eat like a bachelor. Or rather, I did. More often than not breakfast was Starbucks (hello sugar, fat and oh my word expensive!!), then maybe later chips or candy. Dinner would almost always be out. Because of my work schedule, I am almost never home around meal times. Olive Garden, Outback, Texas Roadhouse are among favorites – haha.

Looking at this pattern, it’s super easy for me to see how my weight and health got so out of control. And because I am on my feet and moving around a lot for my job, I never “look” like I might have a problem.

But I did. My doc told me that I am at an elevated risk for heart disease. If I didn’t make changes immediately, I could end up in the hospital.


Making nutrition changes aren’t that easy though, especially with a stupid crazy work schedule. But here are the things I’m doing now that have made a difference in how I feel. It’s also working – yay!

Food Tracking

I personally love and use My Fitness Pal. It seems to be the most intuitive app for me and I’ve been pretty good about making sure I keep everything tracked at least once a day. Sure I still have days where I forget, but baby steps, right? It also helps me track water intake and exercise. Yay for tools that help!

 Daily Supplements

My doc has be on a series of supplements from Pure Encapsulations, Claire Labs and Thorne. Since starting these 3 months ago, I can honestly say that I can tell a difference. With so many options out there for supplements, I can say that I’m very happy with these.

Cheat Days

Not everyday is going to be perfect, and I finally am at peace with that. I used to beat myself up over not eating perfectly clean, or wanting that cookie (umm, hello Holiday season!), but not anymore.

What are the things that you do for yourself to keep accountable in the food department? I would love to know!

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