5 Interesting Reasons to Make Tiny Living Work for You

5 Interesting Reasons to Make Tiny Living Work for You

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With everyone it seems these days choosing to live tiny (well not everyone, but it sure seems like it), you might be wondering why it could be a good choice for you and your family. I know these are the questions I had when I first heard about tiny living.

I remember the first time I came across a Youtube video showcasing full time RV life (which is another form of tiny living, and the route I chose when I made the decision to go tiny), I was like “what the heck, and why in the world would anyone want to do that?!?” I found myself very quickly fascinated by the lifestyle, and wanted to learn more. I also found myself daydreaming about what that lifestyle could look like for my husband and myself.

After a lot of conversation, we made the decision to uproot our traditional lifestyle to live tiny, and I am so grateful that we made that choice! In this post, I want to share the 5 powerful reasons we used to make our decision, so that you can decide if this is something you might consider for your own family.

1. Simplicity of Tiny Living

This is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to live tiny. I wanted a simpler lifestyle. Less clutter and  less stuff. Sure, I could have easily gotten rid of a bunch of the items taking space in my home, but I could never quite make myself go through the steps of purging unwanted items. Once we decided that this is what we were going to do, it was much easier to part with the things I thought I couldn’t live without.

It’s kind of funny how the mind works. Because we gave ourselves an imposed deadline to go tiny in 6 weeks or less, the process of paring down went from “maybe I don’t need that 5th large slotted spoon” to “I only get to keep 1 – so choose the 1 now, and get rid of the rest.”

We pared down from a 2 bedroom house to a space of roughly 225 square feet. And 2 years later… I’m still paring down. Simplicity of life in a tiny space. It’s a beautiful thing.

2. Cost of Tiny Living vs. Conventional Home

This was also a huge consideration for us. We would spend thousands of dollars every year to maintain our home. The fun stuff like landscaping, to the less fun stuff like home maintenance on down to property taxes.

Once we went tiny, we still have maintenance and tax costs, but they are less than a thousand a year. For us, the maintenance costs we have to contend with are tires, and licensing fees for our RV. Structural costs are much lower.

One other benefit for us going tiny is our grocery bill. I hate to admit this, but before we would go grocery shopping and fill our refrigerator up, only to have the food go bad before we could eat it. Now, because our refrigerator is so tiny (it’s crazy how small it really is!), we plan out our meals and only purchase what we are going to eat a week at a time. That alone has brought down our grocery bill from $400 a month to around $175.

Could we have done this in a traditional home? Sure! But we didn’t. I think the psychology of space has played the biggest role in this change for us. And I love it!

3. Freedom to Choose Where to Live Tiny

This is another post altogether, but a huge factor for me to want to go tiny is having the choice to choose where to live. The simple truth is that if you have a traditional home, you can’t just move it. You are planted there. I love being able to change my view by moving my home. I also love experiencing different cultures (see reason 5).

Having the freedom to choose where to live has been such a blessing for my heart. I love having choices.

4. Life Stage

A good reason for us to choose to go tiny is the fact that we are at stage in life where we can. We have no kids at home, no pets (although I really miss having a pet, and do think that a pet right now would be awesome!) and we had just closed our brick and mortar business.

Not having commitments made it easy to pull the trigger and jump in.

I’m here to say, no matter where you are in your life, this is a lifestyle can work. I know of many families who do this with littles, teens, and all kinds of pets. If you have these things, maybe you choose a larger rig. We don’t, so our 25’ travel trailer and F150 is a perfect fit for us right now.

If you are curious about other families who are killing this lifestyle with kids, I invite you to check out some of my favorites:

The Freedom Theory

Keep Your Daydream

We’re The Russos

I began following these folks as we began to dream about what this lifestyle could look like, and I still follow them today. There are a lot of amazing families out there!

5. Discover New Cultural Experiences 

Discovering the cultural nuances of different communities has honestly been my favorite part of our tiny living journey. I love seeing how communities interact, how welcoming (or not) they are to new people, different community festivals, etc.

Since we’ve gone tiny, we have lived in 3 different states (so far) and spent time in over 25 different towns. And I’m here to say that the community that is 50 miles up the road from where you are now is probably a lot different. You wouldn’t think so, but it is.

Each state is a brand new experience, and that has also been one of the biggest surprises for me on a personal level. But it’s also helped me to relate to others in a more open and empathetic manner.

These are the 5 reasons why I believe tiny living can work for you – but I want to hear your thoughts. Are they compelling enough to have you consider this lifestyle? Leave a comment and let me know.


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