About Me

Oh, hey there!

I wanted to welcome you to my page and tell you a little bit about who I am, what I love, and what you can expect here.

I am Washington State raised, although right now my husband and I call South Texas home.  We have only recently moved here, so most free days you can find us exploring the area, or our favorite place of all: South Padre Island.

We are full-time RVers (since October 2016!), hence the title of the blog.

Joyful Tiny Living came about through how I found true happiness through this journey. It’s hard to explain, but I truly believe that by embarking on the tiny journey, leaving everything I knew as normal behind, I was able to discover who I am truly meant to be, and through this journey, I finally found my joy.

Because of tiny living – I began searching for ways to make our tiny space healthier, which began my love affair with essential oils. I really had no idea how powerful they were, and now I can’t shut up about them!

My intention for this blog is to share how I’m using my past life experiences to create my best life, how I’ve learned to make a healthier, more natural living space and it’s my sincere hope that what I’ve learned along the way will be helpful to someone else.

Because really… unshared knowledge is selfish.


Have a question or comment? I’d love t hear from you! Please email: hello@joyfultinyliving.com