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Why I Love This Subscription Box and You Will Too

 This Subscription Box Rocks! Hey friend!! Have you ever discovered something so awesome that you couldn’t wait to share it with ALL of your favorite people?!? Because I have to share something VERY awesome with […]

Awesome Arborvitae: 6 Easy Ways to Use it Now

What is Arborvitae and Why do I Love it?   Arborvitae is one of those oils that I really wasn’t sure about when I first heard about it. But after learning more about what it […]

Super simple DIY Vapor Rub

What is vapor rub? When I  have a cold and feel congested, I like to use a vapor rub to help relieve those symptoms. Vapor rub is a topical ointment that many use to help […]

My Favorite Top 10 Essential Oils – These Are Always On Hand

My Top 10 Essential Oil Favorites   When I was first getting started with essential oils, I was very confused about the oils I really needed to have on hand. I mean – there are […]

10 Ways I Use Lime Oil Now + Its Surprising Benefits

I love lime essential oil – like REALLY love it! It was probably one of the first 5 oils I added to my collection when I started getting serious about incorporating essential oils into my […]

Easy Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

  Now that the holidays are over, it’s a great time to become more mindful of our daily food choices. If you are one of the fortunate ones who can avoid overindulging, this isn’t the […]

My Favorite Essential Oils for The Holidays – Blogmas Day #2

It’s no secret that certain scents and smells can bring back fond memories of days gone by – and in this post, I’m going to share how I use essential oils in my home and […]

Winter Tag -Blogmas Edition!

Oh heyyy there! It’s officially Blogmas, and I am excited to participate in all the things this season. I have to give mad love to Geraldine Talks for tagging me. If you don’t this super sweet girl, […]

10 Lemon Essential Oil Uses for Cleaning

Having a clean home is one of the best ways I’ve found that keeps my sanity in check. Cleaning is one of the ways that I decompress from a stressful day or situation. There’s something […]

Benefits + 10 Uses for Grapefruit Essential Oil

  I probably say this about every oil, but grapefruit essential oil is truly one of my favorites! I’ve used this oil daily for over a year, from cleaning to diffusing with it, I can […]