Easy: How to Add a Pinterest  Widget to Your Blog

Easy: How to Add a Pinterest  Widget to Your Blog

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How to add a Pinterest profile widget


So you have a blog, and you are creating content, but you would like more people to be able to follow you on your other media channels. It’s no secret that having a strong Pinterest game can really help you grow your blog following, but how do you get Pinterest followers?

One way to help increase that metric is to add a widget to your sidebar that encourages your readers to also follow you on that platform.

If you have 5 minutes, you can do this

1. Go to the Profile widget builder

The widget builder allows you to either create a widget for your profile, a specific board or even a specific pin. How cool is that?!?

2. Enter your Pinterest profile URL

Copy the specific URL for whatever you want to create. I used my profile URL when I made mine – it’s on my sidebar.

3. Click   under “Size” to customize the size and shape of your button

Square tends to look best on a sidebar, and won’t take up as much room. That area is super valuable, right? But if you don’t like the way square looks with your theme, you can actually set a custom size.

4. Copy and paste the provided code on your website page where you want to show the widget

After you have completed the steps, copy the code that gets created for you, then head on over to your blog dashboard.

  • Click on Appearance
  • Click Widgets
  • Click on Text Widget, and choose where you want it to be placed. You can always play with the location later, but I suggest placing it under your sign up form.
  • Title the widget – I titled mine “Follow Along”
  • Paste the code into the text box, and save!

Be sure that you are in the visual editor when doing this, and not text editor.

Take a look at your site and you should see your profile in the sidebar. How easy, right?!?

Leave me comment and let me know how this worked out for you.


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