10 Ways I Use Lime Oil Now + Its Surprising Benefits

10 Ways I Use Lime Oil Now + Its Surprising Benefits

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I love lime essential oil – like REALLY love it! It was probably one of the first 5 oils I added to my collection when I started getting serious about incorporating essential oils into my daily personal and home routines!

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Today’s post is all about the benefits of lime essential oil, and 10 ways that I love to use it.

While lime is more popularly used as a cooking ingredient, adding a tangy flavor to your favorite dishes (umm, street tacos anyone?) . But there’s another great way to reap its benefits: using lime essential oil. The oil is cold-pressed from the peel of fresh limes. Lime essential oil is refreshing and energizing in both aroma and taste.

Lime Oil Uses and Benefits

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What are the benefits of Lime Essential Oil?

Lime essential has many benefits, with some of its primary benefits shown here:

~It is a powerful antioxidant that supports healthy immune function, helping to protect you from winter’s bugs.

~Lime essential oil is also often added to household cleaners, detergents, soap, and other beauty products.

~Stimulating and refreshing, Lime oil gives body-wide benefits when it is used in aromatherapy.
Lime essential oil helps to support toothaches, strengthen the grip of gums on the teeth, and protect them from falling out.

~It can be used in the treatment of food poisoning, diarrhea, and other bacteria-caused ailments.

~Lime acts as a restorative by restoring health and strength to organ systems throughout the body, making it very good for those who are recovering after extended bouts of illness or injury.

****What are lime essential oil cautions?****
Always check for skin sensitivities before using Lime or any essential oil. In rare cases, Lime oil can cause photosensitivity if exposed to strong sun directly after application. Be sure not to apply Lime topically and then go into the sun.

My Favorite Uses for Lime Essential Oil

1.  To benefit from its healing qualities for cut, use 2-3 drops in a cold compress.

2. If you have acne and need its beneficial help, mix 2-3 drops of oil in 1 ounce of water, and place on a cotton ball. Gently apply to affected area.

3. For chest congestion use 2-3 drops in a steam inhalation. I recommend also that you prepare a roller bottle to have ready when you need it.

4. You can relieve stress, exhaustion, and occasional stress by diffusing a few drops of  essential oil in your diffuser. This boosts your immune system, especially after an episode of low immune system. You can also add 3-4 drops to your bath water.

5. Lime essential oil can be a powerful ally for use in all your household cleaning products. For example, when you are cleaning that dirty refrigerator or oven, add 2-3 drops to the rinse water to wipe away any greasy residue and give extra freshness.

Five More Uses I Love

6. Did you know?  Lime essential oil is great for your skin! Try adding a few drops into a salt or sugar scrub, or add it to homemade soaps and lotions.

7. Lime essential oil is fantastic a de-gunking things like gum on the rug, a dirty dry erase board, greasy stains on the counter and other gunky places. For any of these problems, either add one drop at a time and rub to begin to remove the gunk, or add 4-5 drops of Lime Essential Oil to a cup of water, put it in a glass spray bottle, and simply shake to mix before each use.

8. It can reduce the pain of sore and aching muscles and joints. Mix 2-3 drops in fractionated coconut oil and massage on the affected area.

9. Lime essential oil promotes fingernail growth and strengthens the nails. Mix 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of almond oil and massage into the cuticles.

10. It acts as a haemostatic agent, and can reduce bleeding by contracting the blood vessels. Try putting 2 drops of Lime oil in a cold compress and press it on the affected areas.

bonus: Lime can prevent your fruits from turning brown. Add one or two drops to your fruits. It also add flavor to your citrus-infused dishes, and you can add a few drops for a deeper, tangy flavor.

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