November Goals

November Goals

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November GoalsNew month, who diss?

This is what I’m working on in November.

The biggest focus this month is on the blog, because it is what needs the most focus right now. As I learn more about how goal setting helps me grow, I’ll share how I go about my planning sessions, and I’ll probably make goals more detailed – but I really do try to work on at least 5 things a month in each area of my life.

Here are my November goals as of this moment.

Blog Goals

1. Publish every Tuesday 11am CST

2. Send 1 email every week to subscribers

3. Nail down content calendar

4. 15 new email subscribers

5. Create 1 content upgrade for each post – past and present

6. Grow twitter to 1000

7. 100 new FB likes for page

8. Start Instagram for blog

9. Finish setting up Pinterest for joyfultinyliving

10. Pin 5 pins for each board everyday using the 95/5 method (eventually working towards 50/50)

Personal Goals

1. Read 4 books + listen to 4

2. Physically move for 45 minutes a day

3. Put together meal plan to start in January

4. Finish up budget for end of 2018 and 1st quarter of 2019

5. Meditate 2 minutes daily

6. Goal plan for 2019

Work Goals

1. Maintain productivity schedule during uptick in season

Work is an easy one for me right now, as I feel I have a pretty good flow, but now that we are jumping into the busy season, I will probably have to adjust how I think about that.

Do you set monthly goals for yourself? If you do, how do you keep yourself accountable? Leave me a comment and share!

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