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The Liebster Award – 2018

I was blessed to be nominated for The Liebster Award by the fabulous Ann Marie Ruby – check out her post right here! I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of this award, and so I […]

DIY: Garbage Disposal Refresher | Easy and Effective Solution

Does your garbage disposal need a little refreshing? With everything that goes into the disposal, odds are that odors could be accumulating in there. Try this simple DIY recipe to make your own garbage disposal […]

Easy: How to Add a Pinterest  Widget to Your Blog

  So you have a blog, and you are creating content, but you would like more people to be able to follow you on your other media channels. It’s no secret that having a strong […]

Versatile Blogger Award  – Tiny Edition

  I was super lucky to be nominated by Living Tiny Wisconsin – thank you! Click the link to learn more about her tiny house story – it’s super interesting! 7.2. Is SOOOO true!! I […]

The Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you Ann Marie for this nomination! I’m humbled and honored to be nominated! I appreciate awards like these which represent bloggers supporting bloggers! To learn more about my new friend Ann Marie, click here […]

My Favorite Essential Oils for The Holidays – Blogmas Day #2

It’s no secret that certain scents and smells can bring back fond memories of days gone by – and in this post, I’m going to share how I use essential oils in my home and […]

Winter Tag -Blogmas Edition!

Oh heyyy there! It’s officially Blogmas, and I am excited to participate in all the things this season. I have to give mad love to Geraldine Talks for tagging me. If you don’t this super sweet girl, […]

5 Awesome Tips to Stay Joyful During the Holidays

Can you believe that in less than a week, we will be in the holiday season already? Can someone tell me where 2018 went? I swear this year has gone by in the blink of […]

The Sunshine Blogger Award

  I am honored to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! This is an award given to bloggers by fellow bloggers to encourage and support each other! It’s also a fun way to get […]

The Versatile Blogger Award

  I want to thank Nerdy Momsy for nominating for The Versatile Blogger Award! I am so grateful – thank you so much! I encourage everyone to check out this amazing blog, and especially her […]